Solutions for Patients with Neck and Arm Pain

For millions of people suffering around the world, having a pain in the neck is no laughing matter. Neck and arm pain can be the result of an accident, sitting hunched over a computer all day, or simply the wear and tear of normal life. Neck and arm pain is often the result of cervical disc degeneration, a condition in which a vertebral disc in the neck has deteriorated or been damaged due to the natural aging process or injury. Examples of cervical disc degeneration include ruptured discs, flattening or thinning discs, or bone spurs.

Randy, a 30-year veteran of his fire department, feared his career would be cut short after he suffered an injury while fighting a house fire. The roof collapsed while he was in the building, but it wasn’t until months later that everything changed. As a result of a herniated disc, Randy was in constant pain that was steadily getting worse. After an implantation of the M6-C™ artificial cervical disc, Randy was able to return to normal function back at the firehouse. He is now back doing what he loves: serving the community he’s grown up in.

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