Orthofix Spine

We provide reconstructive and regenerative solutions that aim to restore the quality of life for patients with various spinal and bone-related conditions. Our innovative solutions uniquely incorporate different treatment modalities (mechanical, biological, and electromagnetic) to achieve desired clinical outcomes, such as helping patients maintain their range of motion or achieve successful spinal fusions.

Motion Preservation

Our M6™ artificial discs are the natural choice for helping preserve motion in patients undergoing cervical or lumbar disc replacement. Designed to mimic a patient’s natural vertebral disc, our M6 discs are the only artificial discs that incorporate an artificial nucleus and woven fiber annulus. This design aims to provide the same motion characteristics of a natural disc, including compressive capabilities and a controlled range of motion.

Spine Fixation

We are committed to helping restore quality of life for our patients through advanced interbody and fixation solutions. Our devices aid surgeons in repairing spinal alignment, improving disc height, providing nerve decompression and correcting instabilities. Orthofix spine fixation products are used globally in a variety of spine procedures involving deformity correction, minimally invasive approaches, sacroiliac joints, degenerative disc disease, trauma and tumors.


Our biologic solutions play an important role in a number of surgical applications, including allografts with viable cells, structural allografts, synthetic bone grafts, and amniotic membranes. By supplying the key elements needed for bone healing coupled with its enhanced handling properties, the Trinity ELITE® and Trinity Evolution™ allografts with viable cells have been implanted in more than 200,000 procedures.

Bone Growth Therapy

With almost 40 years of healing patients, our bone growth therapy devices are the number one prescribed bone growth stimulators in the U.S. These devices provide patients with safe, non-surgical treatment options for promoting spinal fusion and healing nonunion fractures. Using Orthofix’s pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) technology, the devices generate a uniform, low-level electrical field that helps activate and augment the body’s natural healing process to enhance bone fusion.

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