ProView MAP System

The next generation in minimally invasive spine surgery, the ProView® MAP System introduces extraordinary benefits for both patient and surgeon. With an intuitive, step-by-step procedure, the ProView MAP System offers procedural simplicity and a versatile approach for straightforward implant delivery.

Product Highlights

Minimal Approach with Maximum Impact

The ProView MAP System consists of three elements: straight and beveled tubular retractors in multiple lengths, a unique 3-blade independently-controlled expandable retractor and an easy-handling percutaneous screw delivery system.​

Tubular Retractors System

The Tubular Retractor System uses a step-by-step procedure to dilate the tissue concentrically for optimal viewing. A full complement of tubular retractor diameters and lengths are available to accommodate patient anatomies and surgeon needs. The inserter handle locks to the tubular retractor for complete control during insertion. The flexible arm provides variable positions, with rigidity that adjusts with a single knob. The arm can even be locked to the retractor for optimal security.


  • Retractors in many configurations: flat and beveled ends, multiple lengths and diameters
  • Reusable single and bifurcated fiber optic light cables for increased interoperative illumination

​​Expandable Retractors System

The Expandable Retractor System enables dilating of muscle and tissue without enlarging incision. Individually controlled arms and independent angulating blades allow the surgeon to focus on isolated areas with optimal flexibility and visual access. Top loading blades, available in multiple lengths, allow for blade changes without the need to remove the retractor. Additional shims for blade extension, reusable and disposable fiber optic lighting and a bilateral fitting make the system exceptionally versatile.


The ProView MAP System consists of three elements: straight and beveled tubular retractors in multiple lengths, a unique 3-blade independently-controlled expandable retractor, and an easy-handling percutaneous screw delivery system that is used in conjunction with the Firebird™ Spinal Fixation System.

  • Top loading blades exchange quickly and easily
  • Reusable and disposable fiber optic lighting for increased intraoperative illumination
  • Shims insert easily to extend blade penetration
  • Arms are individually controlled, blades feature independent angulation​

​​Percutaneous Screw Delivery System

This system is designed to provide accurate pedicle screw placement.


  • Complete control during rod delivery
  • Screws lock onto head holders for secure screw engagement during implantation

​ONYX Instruments

A complement to any surgical procedure, the ONYX instrumentation set features a comprehensive set of black-coated, bayoneted instruments, specifically designed for cutting and soft tissue re​moval. Instruments are available in a variety of tip configurations and sizes for increased intraoperative versatility.


  • Penfields, probes, and hand-held retractors increase versatility
  • Black coating reduces glare and reflection at the procedure site
  • Bayonet design offsets from handle to keep surgeon’s hands clear of their line-of-sight
  • Silicon handles for secure grip and control
  • Kerrisons, disc rongeurs, and curettes with multiple tip configurations and sizes


Tubular Retractor System and Expandable Retractor System
The ProView Minimal Access Portal (MAP) System consists of surgical instruments intended to aid the surgeon’s visualization of the surgical area and allow for performance of spinal procedures such as herniated disc repair, visualization of the circumferential decompression of the nerve roots, aiding in the search and removal of nucleus material, spinal fusion, or insertion of spinal implants.

The ProView MAP System, Percutaneous Screw Delivery System, is used to deliver multi-axial pedicle screws and rods in a minimally invasive manner. The system is intended to reduce muscle trauma compared to the traditional open surgical procedure. The system consists of instrumentation only and does not include any implants, although it is designed to be used with components of the Firebird® Spinal Fixation System / Phoenix® MIS Spinal Fixation System implants.

​ONYX Instrumentation
The ONYX Instrumentation Set consists of instruments intended to aid in the cutting and soft tissue removal during a surgical procedure. Instruments are designed to perform specific functions, such as cutting, grasping, dissecting, probing, retracting, and draining.


  • Morbid obesity
  • Mental illness
  • Alcoholism or drug abuse
  • Pregnancy
  • Metal sensitivity/allergies
  • Severe osteopenia
  • Patients unwilling or unable to follow post-operative care instructions
  • Any circumstances not listed under the heading Indications
  • Instruments should not be used for anything other than their intended use