Opus Mg Set
Osteoconductive Scaffold

Opus Mg Set is an injectable, moldable, and biocompatible bone void filler that will harden in-situ at the defect site. Due to the presence of magnesium, Opus Mg Set has a unique resorption profile that provides stability, resulting in enhanced bone regeneration for various orthopedic applications.

Designed Feature:

  • Magnesium Phosphate Crystallizes to Provide
    • Thixotropic Properties
    • Excellent Binding Characteristics
    • High Compressive Strength


  • Versatile Applications
  • Enhanced Bone Regeneration
  • Radiopaque


Opus Mg Set is intended only for bony voids or defects that are not intrinsic to the stability of the bony structure. Opus Mg Set is intended to be placed or injected into bony voids or gaps of the skeletal system (the long bone and pelvis). These defects may be surgically created osseous defects or osseous defects created from traumatic injury to the bone. The product provides a bone void filler that resorbs and is replaced with bone during the healing process. Opus Mg Set is not intended to treat large defects that in the surgeon’s opinion would fail to heal spontaneously.

Instructions For Use