Demineralized Bone Matrix


fiberFUSE™ DBM is an allograft comprised of demineralized cortical bone fibers and cancellous bone and is regulated as an HCT/P. The combination of demineralized cortical bone fibers and cancellous bone provides the growth factors and matrix needed to support the natural healing process¹. MTF Biologics is the exclusive processor of fiberFUSE DBM.

  • 100% bone, no carrier added
  • Demineralized cortical fibers are consistently osteoinductive when assessed in an in vivo model¹
  • The self-entanglement of fibers results in a putty-like handling
  • Osteoconductive porous scaffold allows ingrowth of host vasculature, osteoblasts and MSCs¹
  • Rapid rehydration with saline, blood and/or bone marrow aspirate
  • Graft expansion when hydrated to conform to the surgical site


fiberFUSE DBM is intended for single use in the repair of musculoskeletal defects.


1. Roberts, TT and Rosenbaum, A. 2012. Bone grafts, bone substitutes and orthobiologics. The bridge between basic science and clinical advancements in fracture healing. Organogenesis, 8(4), pp. 114-124.

Instructions For Use