Contours LPS
(Lapidus Plating System)

​The Contours LPS™​ (Lapidus Plating System) consists of plates, screws and instrumentation. The anatomically contoured titanium plates are low-profile and designed specifically for first metatarsal and cuneiform allowing compression across the joint achieved through a delta-shaped hole and compression screws. The Contours LPS​ screws are titanium, low-profile and self-tapping, and include locking, non-locking, and ​bone compression screws in a variety of lengths. Instrumentation includes a threaded drill guide, drill bits, depth gauge, screw sleeve, ratcheting AO wrench and plate bender.​


Physician Benefits

  • Precisely contoured for the first tarsal-metatarsal joint​
  • Locking screw angles are designed to capture the “sweet” spots of the bone – allowing for optimal purchase
  •  ​Three points of fixation proximal and distal to the arthrodesis site
  • Stable construct to resist significant loads​


The Contours LPS is intended for revision procedures and joint fusion in the small bones of the foot.​


Refer to the Instructions For Use​ for additional labeling