Corporate Social Responsibility

At Orthofix we believe that all stakeholders must be considered in our actions every day. We are committed to embedding sustainability throughout our business with a mindset that is focused on providing superior solutions to physicians worldwide to improve the lives of patients. At the same time, we never lose sight of growing our businesses, developing our people, and enhancing our communities. To learn more about our environmental, social and governance priorities, please visit our Corporate Sustainability page.

Our People

Our future is driven by dedicated employees around the world who are committed to innovation and improving outcomes for patients. We strive to support our teams in the areas of development, mentoring, engagement, and health and wellness, enabling them to do their best work as they grow their careers.

Orthofix values and is committed to fostering, cultivating and preserving a culture that promotes diversity, equity and inclusion. We demonstrate our commitment to providing equal and equitable opportunities to all employees through programs such as our Moving 4ward initiative, a program created to embrace the value of diversity and reflect the communities where we live and work. We embrace and encourage our employees’ differences and know that diversity, equity and inclusion help build a high-performing and competitive company.

Additionally, Orthofix proudly supports the Orthofix Women’s Network, a program that provides opportunities for women to learn from each other and grow within our company and our industry.

Throughout the year, Orthofix promotes a variety of diverse voices to our employees by recognizing events such as Black History Month, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Women’s History Month, Juneteenth, and Hispanic Heritage Month.

Our Community

At Orthofix, we don’t just make a difference in the lives of patients and their families. We strive to directly impact our communities around the world through employee volunteer programs, charitable contributions, and meaningful partnerships. We support a variety of charitable organizations through donations, fundraising efforts, educational partnerships with colleges and universities, and local community development. Over the years, we have raised funds and awareness for veteran support groups, food and homebuilding organizations, and health-related institutions and organizations such as the Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, Red CrossTrusted WorldCarter BloodCare, Toys for Tots.  Veterans Coalition of North Central Texas and Soldiers’ Angels.

Orthofix is also proud to support the World Pediatric Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to healing critically ill children in impoverished countries. Through the donation of our Spine Fixation deformity correction devices, surgeons are able to perform corrective surgery for young adult and pediatric patients in Honduras, enabling them to lead more normal lives. In 2020, we initiated a global food drive in response to food shortages caused by the pandemic. Through employee donations of volunteer time and funds and Company matching funds, we provided meaningful support to 20 food banks around the world.

Orthofix also conducts an annual month-long awareness and fundraising campaign with our employees and business partners to benefit Donate Life America, a nonprofit organization that promotes the importance of organ, eye, and tissue donation.

Additionally, we have an ongoing engineering partnership with the University of Texas at Dallas, enabling students to work on real life healthcare solutions as we invest in the next generation of engineers and business leaders.

In 2019 and 2020 we estimate that our employees gave more than 350  hours in support of our community service projects. We positively impacted our communities and had a terrific time together while making a difference in countless lives.

At Orthofix, we are proud of our employees and their generosity. Our commitment to community support is aligned with applicable local laws and regulations and with the medical technology industries’ ethical standards.

Funding decisions are based on the principles of transparency, documentation, and segregation of duties and donations to health care-related organizations fall under the responsibility of the Orthofix Grants Committee, which is composed of non-sales company functions. For information on the application process, please email

Environmental Responsibility

From an active corporate office waste recycling program to developing environmentally responsible medical instruments and packaging, Orthofix is working to continually reduce its environmental impact.

We embed the principles of advancing a circular economy into our practices globally through our facility and manufacturing initiatives that include an in-office recycling program including recycle/reuse practices and a commitment to eliminate Styrofoam. Additionally, our facilities have energy efficient HVAC systems and we transitioned our Lewisville, Texas location to 100 percent sustainable energy in March 2020.

We are committed to transitioning to lower carbon operations. We have begun to explore a decrease in our carbon footprint for the manufacturing and supply of our surgical instruments via single-use sterile packed instruments. In 2020, we launched a partnership with Neo Medical to distribute single-use sterile packed instrumentation for certain spine surgeries and develop single-use solutions for other procedures. These single-use sterile packed instruments eliminate the high carbon cost of repeated shipping and sterilization, cutting the carbon footprint and improving the spinal surgery ecosystem with value-based care and sustainable technology solutions.

We recently launched a recycling program for our patients using Bone Growth Therapy devices. We are proud to be the first and only company in the U.S. to offer a free recycling program so patients can properly dispose of their Bone Growth Therapy devices after use. The innovative program enables Orthofix patients to recycle their devices for non-medical use once they complete treatment. Visit to learn more about this groundbreaking new program.

Through the Orthofix Academy medical education training platform, we support Treedom, a project that develops cacao forests to improve food safety for rural populations, increases local agricultural resources and offers additional income opportunities to people living and working in Cameroon.

We are committed to sustainable practices in our operations, manufacturing, and supply chain through the use of sustainable energy, waste reduction, and waste and equipment recycling.